Silver Big Bear with Lapis stone & beads


Silver capped bear claw with stamped

silver& framed turquoise stones

Tommy Singer Native American Designs from one of the best Navajo silversmith.

Thunderbird with turquoise center stone, graduated Navajo Sterling beads and graduated Turquoise rondells.

​ SP

Zuni, Eagle, Bear, Beartooth, Deer tracks, Navaho beads,Feathers, Petit Point, Totems, Stars, Aztec Arrow points, Stamped designs

Fred Harvey Era Thunderbird Stamped silver with onyx center stone

​​Nautical, Native American, Hunting, Fishing, Plains,

Clouds & Mountains

Inspirations in each unique design.

Outstanding Ceremonial Turquoise neckklace  inset in Sterling Bear  Claw with Navaho graduated Sterling Silver beads.

40 domed 1940's Mercury head dimes with Navajo Sterling beads.  Rare and beautiful coin beads.

Black Bear tooth and claw separated by carved Turquoise claw with Red Coral Inset and graduated Sterling Navajo beads

Free Form Sterling  Silver,  Earth, wind & fire- turquoise, red coral with  Sterlimg Silver  Navajo graduated beads.