Malachite in silver frame set in stamped Silver ignots 

Turquoise & tobacco vein stamped pendant

with silver & turquoise beads

Pilot Mountain turquoise silver pendant

Sterling Silver Guitar stone insets & graduated beads 

Multi gem stone stamped  Sterling Silver beauty.

40 Mercury domed dimes from the 1940's  with Sterling  Navaho beads


Silver capped Mountain Lion Claw with      

stamped silver design & opal center stone

Cougar Claws with Sterlimg Silver caps & stones, Sterling Sillver beads

Stamped Silver sailfish with abalone, beads, pearls 

Royston green & tobacco traditional pattern with spectacular blue color burst in stone framed in silver with graduated silver beads 

​ SP

              ​Each Billy Jack Design .. an original

Stunning blend of precious stones depicting a totem design framed in silver, abolone & turquoise