Ceremonial Headdress in

silver with Navaho silver beads

accented with lapis

Mosaic stone bear inset in silver casing

with silver, turquoise & Navaho beads

on a braided silver chain


Stamped silver tipped bear tooth with

turquoise stone inset with Navaho

beads with turquoise & bone spacers

The Bears have it . Centuries ago, Native Americans thought that Bears were talking to the Great Spirit when hibernating and that was why they were so smart, fierce and dominant over all other creatures. You can have it too . Sterling Silver Bear Claw set with a small Sleeping Beauty Turquoise stone with a carved Turquoise and Sterling capped  Bear Claw on both sides .  Graduated Sterling Navajo Beads .  All Silver work done by Master Navajo Silversmiths.  Guaranteed to bring out the wisdom of the Bear in you.  

A Billy Jack Design original, one of a kind, never to be duplicated.


The Chief SIlver Pendant with

Navaho silver and multi colored

trade beads. One of a kind !

​ SP